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The Official Rules Empty The Official Rules

Post  Jesse McCartney Finland on Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:04 am

Please read over these.

General rules:
The boards are not a place to:
1) Rip on Jesse. If you are there, it's because you support Jesse. He's the host of the party. If you don't like the host, you're not invited. Critiquing is okay, as long as it's based in love and not hate.
2) Be nasty, filthy, negative or mean.
3) Rip on anyone else on the boards.

If any of that is too controversial, users will be banned, and if that causes too much controversy, the boards will be closed again.

Detailed Rules:
1) We will not tolerate the use of foul language bypassing board censors. However, if you "*" the majority of the word, we will allow it.

2) Signatures must not stretch out the page.
No more than TWO medium sized graphics will be allowed.
No more than FOUR small icon sized graphics in the signature.
No more than TWO blinkies will be allowed.
No more than TEN lines of text. (Full or Partial)
No more than ONE animation.
If you have a combination of these, feel free to ask me if it is appropriate.
Users who have signatures that exceed these specifications will have their signature removed if they do not edit within two days time of an admin's request.

3) We understand that gossip/rumors will always be around and will be spread. Please be mindful of what you post. A moderator will close or delete a thread or post at his/her discretion.

4) Posting about illegal substances (including age restricted products) are done at your own risk. Moderators may close or remove your posts/threads if they see fit to do so.

5) Users who have their posting abilities taken away for the first time will not be able to post for UP TO SEVEN days, or as a moderator sees fit.

6) Users may not intentionally post threads that disrupt the boards. (Threads that you are aware will cause arguments) Users found to be doing this risk having their post/thread removed and posting abilities taken away.

7) Users who have been suspended once already will be removed from the boards permanetly.

You have the right to question Administrators for the reason why a post, thread, or user was closed/removed from the boards if you were a part of that post/thread or if you were the user that was removed from the boards. We will not comment to third parties.

9) Users are not allowed to give out their password to other users. This includes granting access to your account to users who have been banned or are currently suspended.

10) Stealing any content of any user's on this message board is strictly prohibited. We will suspend any user for this.

11) Users are not to attack, make fun of, openly chastize/criticize or cause hurt or embarassment to anyone that is a part of the boards. Note that there is a difference between expressing one's opinion and the above actions. Users found to be disregarding this will have their posting abilities taken away.

12) Music sharing will not be allowed on these message boards. We will continue with the "as long as we don't see it, it is okay". However, we will delete threads if we see them.

13) Usernames can be changed at every set of 3,000 posts. PM Jared or Hayleigh with your new username and they'll be sure to change it as soon as possible.

Additional Rules for this portion of the Message Boards:

1. Not everyone is in LOVE with Jesse. Understand that, please. There are many people here that used to be fans and a lot of time has passed. Therefore, I don't want to see rude comments such as "If you don't love Jesse McCartney, why are you here?!" You might be a big fan; but that doesn't take away the possibility of being banned.

2. There are people that LOVE Jesse. Understand that, too. I know many of you like to poke fun at Jesse and I don't see it as a problem. However, there are times where I feel as if it gets out of hand. All I'm asking is to tone it down.

3. I will no longer respond to users that were not a part of disputes on the board. If you are attacked in anyway, do not have someone else bring the situation to me. I won't answer since I can not assume that your opinion is the same as the parties that were attacked.
Jesse McCartney Finland
Jesse McCartney Finland

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